Easy way to view the CPU load of all CPUs in Linux.

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Multi core CPU is already very popular in the IT world since couple of years ago. Hyper-threading make it even more popular. Last time, we just need to check CPU load of one CPU but now it won’t be the case anymore. Now, the Linux Administrator might want to know the CPU load of each CPU in a multi core or multi CPU servers.

Some of the Linux Administrators might use mpstat to view the CPU load of each CPU in Linux.However, there is a much more easy way that is already available in Linux servers by default. top  is a common command for Linux Administrator to view the overall statistic of a server. You will get surprise to see with another key in top command will allow you to see CPU load of each CPU.

The following is the default view for a top command.

Top Linux Command

After you press 1 in top, you will see all the CPU load for all CPUs in a multi core or multi CPU servers as following.

Top with all CPU load


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